Best Car Camping Tents Review

Getting out from under from the pressure of a workaday work was once difficult and has expensive hotel bills and paying the high costs of fast food or restaurant fare. Now that all changes today, you can now see, 3 tents that fold up compact have the room you want for 1 to 5 depending on your needs.

You can just throw some cooking utensils, your favorite foods or pack in your fishing gear and catch dinner for yourself.Then you can head out on the road and when you find a place you think looks right or near a piece of land near your favorite fishing hole.

Minutes later, you’re set up and have the shelter for a group of people or for the single explorer who wants to go it alone and enjoy some solitude.

We have found three of these tents that can do all this with a bit of style and panache that give you the fun and excitement of life out under nature’s canopy of green trees, blue sky during the day, and under a starlit sky during the night.

This is something urban dwellers miss out on with the neon glow that hides the night sky from view.

Best Camping Car Tent

Some Considerations Before Buying a Great Car Tent

Getting a great car tent frees you from the high cost of a hotel, motel, and even hostels as you take time off from you busy schedule to decompress and have some fun.

Getting one that travels easily by packing small is one of the great benefits.

Speed of setup and take down lets you save valuable time to enjoy yourself instead of spending it trying to tie things down and popping things up.

Rain and protection of the elements is a needed feature along with mesh windows on doors and window for privacy and keeping mosquitoes, gnats, and other bugs that bug you when you are trying to get a goodnight’s rest after having a fun day at the beach, rock climbing, and hiking through our national forests and parks.

But, most importantly they need to be rugged to stand up to all the above and give you season after season of enjoyment without worry.

Best Camping Car Tent Review

1. Sportz Dome-To-Go Tent


When it’s time to hit the road and see America you don’t need to worry about where you are going to spend the night in a tent, like this one.

It has all the Amenities you could ask for.A shady entrance way along with a mesh tight sealing door with an inner weather seal that keeps out the elements should the weather turn.

Two couples can share this tent with all their gear, not get a feeling of claustrophobia, and bump into each other.

However, for a family is where it stands out. You and you, spouse, and 2 children can go anywhere you feel a yen to experience whether beach, mountain, and forest preserve.

The tent goes up quickly and without any problems. The seams are sealed at ground level to keep you dry if it rains. The fiberglass rods are tough and along with the tent itself will last you for years of fun and wonderful memories as you pitch you tent in any venue.That let’s enjoy the sun, blue sky, and nature’s wonders anywhere you wander in this great nation.

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Highlight Features

  • Sleeve that hooks to your Hatchback to give extra room for people and gear.
  • Sun awning that gives you shade by it large D-shaped door.
  • Weighs only 25 lbs when packed for travel.

2. Texsport Retreat SUV Tent


This tent is unique in that it seals tight against the back of your SUV turning your vehicle into part of a living habitat that combines with a 10 X 10 foot tent. You can now have enough room to take some friend out into the wild world of nature.

It is rugged and when the weather fly is installed you have a bit of shade on the large D-shaped door that not only keeps out flying insects but also keeps out prying eyes with No-see-um mesh on the door and windows.

As mentioned it connects to you hatchback SUV, add some magnets to seal it to your vehicle. But, it is equally at home on its own and will sleep 5 along with all their gear.

The entire tent breaks down and packs away for travel to your next adventure.

Setting it up wherever you end up is a simple matter with all the stakes, rope, and other paraphernalia you require.

After it is set up, it is also ready to do battle with Mother Nature and resists wind, rain, and door and windows have weather flaps to keep everyone snug and dry.

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Highlight Features

  • Sleeping capacity up to 5 persons.
  • Polyester taffeta walls with polyethylene floor.
  • This tent is flame retardant.

3. Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


Folds up small and when it is expanded and set up, you have a private shelter that sets up quickly and protects you from biting bugs and flying debris.

It avoids one of the major problems that plague other tents with the inflow of water, as it sits above the ground at a comfortable height.

However, what is the most amazing part about this product is that it morphs into almost any configuration you’d want in a personal shelter. It could be a cot for use in a spare room, a lounge chair that sits on the beach or by your pool.

When the weather starts looking, dark you simply reconfigure it into a sealed enclosure then you can listen to the rain’s patter against an impervious shield that keeps you snug and dry.

So, if you want a personal shelter that folds small and you can put into the back of an SUV, the trunk of your car, and in the back of a pickup, this is the one.

So, if you decide to get away from it all you have to do is toss your camping gear in with the Kamp-Rite and you can go to the beach, your favorite fishing spot by a clear pond or lake. Set up camp and you can then enjoy a restful weekend without a care in the world.

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Highlight Features

  • The tent cot’s frame is made durable aluminum.
  • Easy to set up.
  • When the rain ceases, you can then raise the sides, feel the cooling breeze, and smell the fresh scent of the trees and grass after a rainstorm.

Final Verdict

So there we have it, three tents that go with you anywhere so you can enjoy seeing the nature and rest at the beach. It is also three good choices as shelter for the fisherman who is camped beside their secret fishing hole waiting for the best fishing to be found.

All of these tents are economical and fit into your budget and one of them is bound to fit your particular needs.

So enjoy leaving the mundane world behind, enjoy a holiday away from it all, and take your friends and family along with you as well.

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