Top 10 Best Camping Tents Review and Buying Guide

One of the most things a camper, fisherman, and hunter needs is a good tent to protect themselves from the elements. You want the best camping tent available and one that fits your budget. It must also be big enough for the number of people in your camping party.

Today, we have found for you 10 of the best review for each one pointing out their features for you. We will also offer some considerations of our own that will make easier for you to get a tent, which will last and be around for many camping seasons to come.

Camping is a great activity and it can be even better if you have the right tent to makes things comfortable and safe for you and your family.

Best Camping Tents – Comparison Chart

Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Best Camping Tent

Before you go out and buy a new tent, you need to keep a few things in mind before you slap down your credit card or click on the buy button on Amazon.

Sleeping Capacity

How many people do you expect to fit into the tent that you are buying? Tents are notorious for being understated when it comes to the number of people it can shelter. The way most tent makers measure the capacity is to lie people down next to each other.


Try to get a tent made for 3 seasons. These tents are made of tough Polyester and therefore more durable and have thicker shells. You also want to have UV protection as well.


Make sure the tent you buy has adequate ventilation with and without the weather cover in place. You want to be dry, true. However, you also want to be able to be cool and not suffocate in the process.


These are the highest failure item on any tent out there today. For some reason people get them tangled, cross-toothed, and the tabs broken off with a regularity that is frustrating and can ruin a tent that has cost you a pretty chunk of change and was expected to last for years. So, check the reviews that focus on any zipper problems.


Weight and Packed Size

The best tents are weighing less and less. Good ones even have the instructions for setup sew into them on the carry bag for you so you wouldn’t lose them. Lay the tent out first and learn to fold and pack it away the same way that it came out of the carrying case.

Use your cell phone to take pictures if necessary. Many a tent are ruined by not folding them properly or stowing them away in the bag or losing a critical piece that holds the whole shebang together. Your tent should pack down to an easily manageable size to fit in your vehicle.

Height & Ease of Setting Up

The reviewer has been putting up tents for years from the days of the pup tents to tents that rival a split-level with multiple bedrooms. Always get a tent that goes up easy and comes down easy.


However, be sure it has enough headroom so you don’t get a crick in your back when you step inside. Try it in the backyard first and make sure you are comfortable moving around inside and learn how to set it up by heart.


With tents of all sizes, the seams and the weather cover are the weakest links when it comes to dryness and comfort. Set up the tent in your yard and spray the tent down to ensure you have a watertight structure before you take it out into the wild and wake up in the woods floating in a flooded tent.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at our 10 tents.

Best Camping Tents Review


The Wenzel Klondike tent is unique as some tents go. It offers you first, a cabin compartment, which can sleep 5 easily. This is what you expect from an outdoor tent of this type.

Next, it gives you a completely enclosed sunroom/vestibule that doubles as a sleeping area as well. It also has the following features as well.

It adds to the basics with an add-on sunroom or vestibule, which is open on the sides and you can get the most sunlight possible during spring and summer. When it is time to sleep, it seals up into a second sleeping area that will house three additional campers.

Don’t worry, when the weather turns ugly. Flaps seal the sunroom and it becomes as secure and rainproof as the rest of the tent. This gives you the perfect environment to not only enjoy the outdoors but also have a secure place for when the weather turns cloudy and the rain begins to fall.

You don’t have to be concerned with rainwater dousing your feet or seeping inside. Welded polyethylene makes up the flooring and the bathtub floor design creates a raised lip around the perimeter of the 98 Sq feet of the main compartment with and addition 60 sq feet in the add-on sunroom as well.

This creates the perfect atmosphere for camping or if you are a photographer, writer, and painter who wants to have a retreat from the mundane world to practice your life’s work or hobbies.

The Klondike also makes an excellent addition to your home should sudden guests drop in to visit or as an office or workroom where you can have the peace and quiet you need to get your work for business or gardening work done.

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  • Beautiful sunroom for the kids to play in.
  • The tent almost sets itself up.
  • We sleep in the main part and stack our gear in the screened-in room where we sit and take in the night air, this is living.
  • Even when it rains we are snug and dry.


  • With so much room it’s hard to heat with only two people inside.
  • This is not a tent for high winds without extra tie downs.

2. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


Coleman is a name known all across America as the experts for the camper and people who love outdoor living.

Their 8-person Red Canyon tent is just another example of their innovation and attention to the campers needs.

First, you have a tent that sleeps 8 with all their gear snug and dry in one main room with two smaller adjacent sleeping areas.

It has a weather cover that protects you from the elements. When this is removed, you have an open and airy place from which to enjoy the forests, lakes, and beaches all over the US.

This is a tent that sleeps 8 with all their gear snug and dry in one main room with two smaller adjacent sleeping areas. For when it starts to get cool or drops fall from the sky, it has a weather cover that protects you from the elements. When this is removed, you have an open and airy place from which to enjoy the forests, lakes, and beaches all over the US.

When it gets hot, you can adjust the amount of Airflow with the vented windows that allow clean air in where you want a cool breeze during warm weather. When you get to the campground, set up is simple and fast.

The dome design makes this tent a snap to pop up for even one person to assemble. When it is up and ready for occupancy you can then decide whether to seal off portions or leave everything open so everyone can mingle and enjoy each other company.

To make things even better Coleman’s WeatherTec System then ensures you a have an outdoor tent that gives you a comfortable night’s rest in a dry and snug environment that protects you as if you are sleeping in your home.

When you need a special tent for that one of a kind outing, the Red Canyon tent has it all. It sleeps 8, has good airflow, and keeps you safe from the elements. What else do you want from your camping tent? Except that it sets itself up and this tent almost does just that as well.

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  • Rain Fly overhangs to keep water out.
  • No Zipper problems.
  • Good sized even with dog and kids included.
  • I got it for Christmas one year and we’ve been using it for two years and no problems.


  • Be careful with the zippers as they can jump the track if you don’t.
  • The clip system can bite you if you don’t pay attention and I got the bandage to prove it.

3. Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent


Get the perfectly sized tent that is made for camping hunting or any other outdoor activity you can imagine. Room dividers give you two large family quarters so two families can save by going on an outing or hunting trip together.

If You like, you can also put the kids in their own room and have privacy for the adults. As for holding up to heavy use, rugged 2000mm thick floor covering and a UV resistant shell protects you from the sun above and the wet ground below when it rains.

Speaking of rain when the sky grows dark and the drops begin to fall an all-enveloping weather shield goes up and when the weather is sunny doubles as a canopy if you bring an extra set of poles. This provides a shaded area for you to sit or the kids to play under.

To make getting in and out of the tent, there are two doors that have extra-large and easy to use zippers on mesh doors and windows that keep out flying insects. These flying and creeping bugs can spoil your vacation or holiday camping trip by biting or with their annoying buzzing about.

When the fun is over you can be packed up and ready to roll quickly and easily. Weighing less than 35 lbs, it packs into a convenient bundle that fits into an SUV or the trunk of your car.

When you want to get out under the blue sky, you can do it in style and comfort with a tent made for adventure and rugged use.

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  • Lots of Headroom, I am 6’1″, my husband is taller, and we had no problems.
  • The tent is spacious.
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • This tent will stand up to anything.


  • Wish the floor were thicker. However, I lay down a tarp always so it isn’t a problem.
  • It leaked under a torrential hailstorm.
  • The service people said that shouldn’t have happened and they sent me a new shell ASAP.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent


If you want a tent for two couple to go out and have a good time in the wild this is the one. Twin doors with their associated vestibules and with the weather cover off, the sky is visible and you have all the light you could want.

You have a raised lip around the doors and walls that if the weather turns dark and cloudy and you are in for a deluge you merely have to batten down and let the water flow around you and not a drop will come in from below, the sides, and the top.

When you want to change camping areas, you also have a backpackable sized bundle that weighs around 8 lbs. You then can go up the side of a mountain to the top, camp above the world where a star filled sky awaits you at nightfall, and clean cool mountain air greets you in the morning’s dawn.

Don’t worry about this tent lasting the season either, it’s made from rugged materials it will withstand the sun’s UV, the wind, and the rain.

Let your next outing have a tent along that provides shelter, comfort, and is light enough to go wherever you desire and at an economical cost as well.

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  • Full weather fly coverage.
  • Well-made and sturdy for a freestanding tent.
  • 20-30 MPH winds do not bother my Lynx in the slightest bit.
  • It poured down rain on the 4th and not a drop got inside


  • Good for the car but don’t think it is great for a hiker or a backpacker.
  • Poles broke the first trip out. Had to get them replaced.

5. Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person Family Cabin Camping Tent


Having an outdoor tent that is built for three seasons makes for a great family tent, but then enlarge it to handle 14 people and their stuff, you have just graduated to the cabin class that can replace a hotel room with ease and sets up in places where you can’t find one.

You set this tent near a lake or beach where you are planning to spend your outing. You can get 2 to 3 entire families under its roof or a fishing/hunting party in a tent that sets up in under 30 minutes. From there you can see all of Mother Nature while sitting inside the tent.

Windows galore let in the in the sun and air. Its massive size lets everyone have enough room without crowding, even when you take a cot or Queen-sized mattress into consideration. Don’t worry about the floor as it is tough as nails and as for headroom, you have 7 feet of it to walk around under.

This makes long-term living outdoors possible. In fact, if you did not know better you would think you were in a POD house and you would be able to live out of it for months at a time.

And that is what many do when their normal home is being renovated, having a new home built on that retirement property or in case unforeseen events render the home they live in ordinarily unlivable while, repairs are being made.

This is also the perfect mobile office or base camp for any hobbyist or writer who wants to get away from the ordinary world to enjoy privacy and comfort anywhere they want.

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  • Many windows with a large view of the outside.
  • Live in it just like a cabin.
  • Tent zips up tight and they seem sturdy after 24 camp-outs so far.
  • I’m over 6 feet tall and I can stand up easily inside and there plenty of room for the family and the pups.


  • Short canopy means you can’t keep the windows open in the rain.
  • No inner storage pockets.

6. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Here is an outdoor tent that has all the amenities of home and it is roomy and sets up quick and easy. When the makers of this tent say instant, they aren’t kidding. Once you unpack this 6-person tent, you have you a dry and protected environment in just seconds. 6 ft in height, you can walk around without squatting.

You have a port to pipe in power for lighting and electronics. In addition to all, that you have a loft and places to hang you gear to get it all squared away and you can enjoy the outdoors by not stumbling over stuff or not being able to find your gear when you need.

When you get to you campsite, it pops out of the ground like Jack’s fabled beans that grew a beanstalk into the sky. However, that’s where the similarity ends, however, in your case; you get something more practical with a shelter that is rainproof and wind resistant as well.

It also has the headroom to make it comfortable to live in with its 6 ft of headroom height; you can walk around without squatting. You have a port to pipe in power for lighting and electronics.

In addition to all, that you have a loft and places to hang you gear to get it all squared away and you can enjoy the outdoors by not stumbling over stuff or not being able to find your gear when you need. When you want to get out in the wilds in style you now have a tent that is made for families, fisher folk, and hunters.

With it, you have a mini-home out in the wild and the only thing lacking is running water. You especially would not be worried about rain and sudden flooding. The seams are hermetically sealed and you do not even have to use weather seal on them as they are rugged and the entire tent is watertight in the rain.

A great tent for going to the forest or the mountains as it packs compact enough to fit into almost any vehicle with ease.

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  • Sets up almost instantly.
  • The roof loft and side pockets let me store the things I need to find quickly.
  • Enough room for a queen sized mattress and plenty of head room as well
  • Durable and stands up against the wind


  • Take care when zipping things as they are not as heavy duty as they should be.
  • It arrived packed improperly and tore on the first assembly. Amazon replaced it with a new one and it set up fine.

7. OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


In addition to all, that you have a loft and places to hang you gear to get it all squared away and you can enjoy the outdoors by not stumbling over stuff or not being able to find your gear when you need. When you want to get out in the wilds in style you now have a tent that is made for families, fisher folk, and hunters.

You have wonderful headroom to go along with that and it all divides into 3 rooms, one large central pavilion, and two smaller antechambers. With this much room, you can throw 2 to 3 queen-size air mattresses inside and some smaller ones for the kids. You even have room for the family dog as well.

This tent is easy to get in and out of as well. The main entrance is shaped like a giant D, it is zippered, and has its own rain flap for when the weather turns. The tent itself is protected from the elements as well. A weather fly that also provides a vestibule at the main door protects the entire tent.

With this tent, it’s just like living in a small apartment or a POD living arrangement that lets you set up housekeeping for days, weeks, and even months if you so desire. This is the tent you want for that long holiday summer at the lakefront property you have earmarked for your retirement or any other venue you choose.

You can now hit the wild outdoors in style and bring all your friends along as well. You have an unmatched view with six windows that seal up watertight at the first hint of rain. Yet you can still keep airflow going while staying dry and comfortable.

Others may get drenched during a thunderstorm. You will be snug and dry as a baby in their crib.

You now have the right sized tent with the right features that make camping comfortable, dry, and fun as well.

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  • We put in 3 queens and still have room for a cot as well
  • Room for the kids and we have extra space for all our stuff as well
  • Used this tent for 3 years now and expect to use it for 3 more
  • Super easy to set up and pack it for going home.


  • Make sure you get the tent you see. Count the doors when you unpack it.
  • Tree limb fell and tore the side. Amazon replaced the whole tent with no questions asked.

8. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent


One of the complaints people have about camping in an outdoor tent is how hard it is to set up their tent. Well, Coleman has heard your pleas and the Sundome 4 person tent is the answer.

Biting insects have spoiled many a beautiful starlit night, but not with your Sundome.

With its heavy-duty flooring and its weather cover, you are virtually impervious to the wind and rain, things that spoil an outing faster than anything. You don’t have to worry about things that can ruin a holiday either.

You can set it up anywhere where the fun and excitement is. This is the tent made for fun as you have a place to store your family’s gear and have room to stretch out in as well. Everything is off the ground with twin mesh pockets to hold the things you want to get to in a hurry without fumbling about.

At the end of your holiday excursion and when it’s time to pack up and go. You can fit the entire 9 ft by 7 ft area tent into a carrying case that when everything is put away is about the size of two rolls of paper towels.

Get the perfect tent for a family of 4 and one that goes anywhere you want that is compact and simple to set up.

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  • Fits queen-sized mattress and still have room for stuff.
  • Room for the kids and a dog.
  • Waterproof floor that goes up the sides.
  • The tent is awesome and does what it says.


  • Zippers need re-enforcing.
  • At the campground, it rained and we had a leak in the roof and had to have the tent replaced.

9. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent


For larger families or a group of friends that want to discover nature and enjoy the sky, land, and mountains. Coleman’s Montana 8 is just what you have been looking for. The Montana is just the right size for 8 people to hit the outdoors and still have the comforts of enough space for plenty of room for people and gear.

You get amenities like an extra-large main door that allows you to enter and leave easily. Above and around the door is an awning suitable for letting you sit in the shade or out of the rain. After you’ve found your camp space, you can tap into the campground’s electricity as this tent is set up with an electrical port that lets you tap into the grid or you can supply your own via an inverter from your vehicle or solar power generator.

After that, it’s “Katie Bar The Door” as inside your tent you have over 6 feet in headroom at the center. This along with a 16 X 7 foot sized area offers up enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. You can fit not only a king-sized mattress inside but a queen as well.​

This is the tent you’ve always wanted for that special vacation you’ve been promising the family and now you can finally deliver when you are hankering for a family outing to your special campground you can go it in style with full weather protection with Coleman’s WeatherTec system that ensures your comfort during hot, cold, and wet weather. Your family will love the outing and you’ll be a hero in their eyes for making it all come true.

Your comfort is assured and you can enjoy your outings with no discomfort in a tent that sets up in under 15 minutes and breaks down into an easy to manage bundle as well, for when it is time to go home.

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  • Roomy and well-ventilated.
  • Room for the kids and a dog.
  • Waterproof floor that goes up the sides.
  • This tent is awesome and does what the ad says it will do.


  • Zippers need re-enforcing.
  • It could be a great tent if it had window on the back wall.

10. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent


Now get one of the best outdoor tents on the market and one made to handle the weather for spring, summer, and fall. One of the nicest multi-person tents on the market today, the Big Agnes divides into twin rooms for privacy and its dome shape sheds water like a duck’s back.

One of this tent’s great benefits is that the vestibule doubles as an exterior canopy when it is not used to cover the tent proper. This provides a shady spot for the kids and adults to get out of the sun. That means you have a tent that can be fun when it’s warm.

You don’t have to worry about whether it is spring, summer or fall as in addition, you have a tent that is rated for 3 seasons that lets you extend your vacations into the Great Outdoors to both fall and early spring in a well-ventilated tent that gives a sleeper plenty of room to lay out their air mattresses on.

Getting in and out of the tent is simple and easy to do as well. If you are tired of owning tents that, you have to crawl in and out of in the past. You’ll love the headroom in both sleeping areas where you can stand up in. You also get all that we’ve mention inside a heavy-duty poly shell that is rugged and withstands the wind, rain, and UV.

So, in a nutshell, this is a great tent that goes anywhere you want for that car camping trip and lets you enjoy Mother Nature in the raw without sacrificing comfort and safety from foul weather.​

Built to last and made for fun is Big Agnes gives you for a tent for now and many seasons to come.

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  • Great design and does what you want in a tent.
  • Hit with a 40 mph wind and it still stands.
  • Great size for having family and friends along.
  • Handles the outdoors with panache and style.


  • The zippers could be better but the tent has stood up to wind, rain and snow when elk hunting in the mountains. So, I can live with being gentle with the zippers.
  • This would be a 5-Star tent if it had zippers for a tent vs. a kid’s backpack.

Final Verdict

We have looked at 10 of the best camping tents on the web today. We have highlighted the benefits of each and now we will let you know our choice as the best of the bunch. Our choice is the Ozark Family Cabin tent, as it has the attributes a great tent should have with few of the problems that people

complain the most about. It has enough space, lets you enjoy nature to the fullest, and offers you the protection you want at a reasonable price.

Our runner up is the Klondike as it also has great features as well as a sunroom that lets you enjoy the great outdoors without being nagged by bugs.

You, of course, may have selected another of our 10 tents and that is quite all right with us as personal style and use is different for everyone. But, whichever tent you choose you will enjoy your camping and vacation outings now with the right tent, with the right features, and at the right price.

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